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Once you have discussed with your doctor and your family the option to donate your placenta,  the process moving forward is smooth and easy.


1.  You will be asked to sign a consent that allows us to conduct a thorough screening process that allows us to ask you questions about your medical history and lifestyle. This is to determine if you meet the qualifications for the donor program.

2.  Once it has been determined that you do qualify as a donor for the Placenta Donor Program, our Procurement Specialist will provide your obstetrical team with a collection kit that will be used to store your placenta.


3.  After your baby has been delivered and is handed to the labor and delivery nurse for evaluation, the second part of your delivery will initiate.  During this time, your placenta and umbilical cord (after-birth) is removed from your uterus and placed in a special container and handed to our staff.  The placenta will then be processed and carefully packaged for an overnight delivery to the participating tissue laboratories for further testing, analysis and eventual creation of valuable therapeutic allografts for the treatment of many serious skin disorders.

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