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Once you have discussed with your doctor and family the option to donate your placenta and cord blood, the process moving forward is smooth and easy.


1.  Prior to consenting to the Placenta and Cord Blood Donor Program, you will be screened by our Procurement Coordinator through a series of lifestyle and medical questions to see if your qualify for the donor program.  

2.  Once it has been determined that you qualify as a donor for the Placenta and Cord Blood Donor Program, our Procurement Specialist will assist you in completing the Medical Questionnaire as well as the Donor Program consent form.  This can be completed online with our procurement coordinator or on location at your doctor's office or in the hospital on the day of your delivery.   


3.  After your baby has been delivered and is handed to the labor and delivery nurse for evaluation, the second part of your delivery will initiate.  During this time, your placenta and umbilical cord (after-birth) is removed from your uterus and placed in a sterile tin basin.   Instead of your after-birth be designated as biological waste and being hauled off to the disposal area, your after-birth will be carefully packaged in our biological transport containers and a medical courier will be called for immediate transfer of your donated after-birth material to the participating cellular laboratory for processing and testing.

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